Ehau Matthew Wiringi

Ehau Matthew Wiringi

17 September 1937 - 26 April 2020

Ehau Matthew Wiringi

Service Details

17.09.1937 – 26.04.2020

Passed away peacefully at Rotorua Hospital.

Loved son of the late Paekitawhiti and Te Hira.

Loving brother, cousin, father, and Koro. Cherished uncle of many.

Due to the current circumstances, a private farewell will be held.

All correspondence to the Wiringi Family, c/- PO Box 926, Rotorua

Service No. NZ15495

Seaman Gunner, RNZN 1955-1963.

Died 26 April 2020.

The executive and members convey their condolences to the family.

You can view the service by following this link on Wednesday 29th April from 10.55am

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  1. The last time I saw you Uncle Matt was just before Lockdown. Im glad we were able to share that time even tho you were suffering then.

    A little story to share. When you came from home from your Service Tours you would come to our Mum, your eldest sister with your wind up gramophone and the latest overseas Hit Parade records. One of those songs was ‘A WHITE SPORTSCOAT AND A PINK CARNATION’. I can recall hearing you, mum and aunty Dot singing up a storm learning all the new songs. Another favorite was SAIL ALONG SILVERY MOON by Billy Vaughn. Love of music is in our genes.

    I will miss you always Uncle Matt. If I listen hard I will hear you mum and aunty dot learning new songs still.
    RIP and kiss our parents …. your siblings HELLO FROM US!
    Lotsa love to our grieving whanau xxxx

    Arleen Tanirau, Murupara
  2. My Dad,
    Great musician: guitar, piano, spoons, ukelele
    Great singer.
    Taxi driver. He was always giving people lifts even though he knew they couldn’t pay. He’d do it anyway. It was a wonder he actually made any money.
    Great bowler, be it teams or individual bowls but he loved being a part of a team more.
    His cars, clothes, house, appliances, dishes, pantry, wardrobe, cupboards, all had to be in tip top shape.
    Humble. Although he had many talents he would prefer to stay in the background and let others shine.
    Generous. He was always willing to help those who needed help. As some have already attested to.
    Charismatic. His smile would light up the deepest darkest hole and people would be drawn to him because of the warmth that smile would bring.
    Charming. He was a winner with the ladies a bit of a romeo and broke many hearts. But if you were fortunate enough to win his heart, it would change your life forever.
    Loving. If my dad loved you, you knew you were loved without a doubt! Being loved by him was the greatest gift he ever gave anyone. Myself included.
    There is so much more I could say about my dad, probably more time than I have in the rest of my life to express it all.
    I love you dad and I’m so glad you are in Heaven smiling with your own teeth, that brilliant smile, no hearing aides no glasses, holding all those who have made the same journey. I love the fact that all the talents you had in your life that life took from you have been fully restored to you.
    I’m sad today and I will be for a while but I know and am comforted by the fact that you are there waiting for us all. Singing and jamming away. 🙂

    Sean Sinclair, New Plymouth
  3. Love you Uncle Matt will never forget your big beaming smiles and your loving heart. Rest easy.

    Lots of love to the all the whanau xx

    Linda Wiringi, Rotorua
  4. Nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. On behalf of my children, Jacob, Jesse and Francesca, my husband, Rattles (Bruce) and mum, Lily McKay, I want to take this opportunity to extend our loving farewells to my Dad, Matt. I am so very grateful that I got to meet my dad in 1981, the year my son, Jacob was born. Happily, we bonded instantly, which was very fortunate because in 1983, my family went to live in Australia because of work commitments. Distance relationships are tough but my Dad rang me on a regular basis and my kids and I wrote and sent photos, and of course, made a beeline for Rotorua any time we landed in Aotearoa! I would like to share one moment I will always treasure: about 15 years ago I confided in my Dad that it had always bothered me that my birth certificate listed “Father Unknown”. Dad very kindly explained that my mum had not wanted Dad to be pursued for maintenance, back when I was born. Accepting that simple explanation seemed to lift the cloud from my heart but the thing that really filled my heart with sunshine was my 50th birthday present. Dad, with my mother’s help, had applied for a new birth certificate for me, in Te Reo, with his name proudly inserted in Father’s Details! It was without a doubt, the very best, most excellent birthday present I have received in my life! I think because we had so little, but hugely precious time with my Dad, we made the most of every minute. Dad introduced me to Aunty Dot and Uncle Neil, Kerry and Rick, Aunty Maryann and her children & mokopuna then more recently, cousins Chrissy, Tiana, Lohnet and Croz & Bron. I also got to meet all of my brothers at Dad’s 80th. So kia ora to all my Wiringi/Hodge whanau. Our love and support are with you all as we celebrate my dad’s life. And to honour a life filled with service to his country, his fellow man and of course, his beloved family. Who’s gonna get the mutton birds now, Dad??? Lol!! Thank you, Lohnet & Bron for being at dad’s side for these past few years and in his heart for your entire lives. In conclusion, I can promise that I will come visit his final resting place and spend time with the whanau who loved and respected my Wonderful, Very Handsome Dad. I love you!!! Ma te Atua hei tiakai hei manaaki ia koutou katoa. Tihei Mauri Ora.

    Nicci James, Sydney NSW
  5. Uncle Matt such an amazing man you have enjoyed an incredible life which you shared with so many. Our stories we have had told each other have made us laugh and cry but mostly laugh. You are so unique like none of your brothers or sisters. You are truly very special to each and every one of us. RIL Uncle Matt.

    Piki Te Maari, Brisbane Australia
  6. Uncle Matt, i remember the first time i met you when you lived in Kamo in April 1977, it was Easter weekend. You treated me like family from day one, and showed so much love and kindness through the years. I will remember you as the kind and gentle man you are, with the big beaming smile.

    My mum sends her love, and said she remembers as a child playing with you and your brothers and sisters.
    Fly high on your wings Uncle Matt until we meet again xx

    Love to all of the whanau

    Linda Wiringi, Owhata Rotorua
  7. Precious Uncle Matt. There were three men I admired and loved deeply as I was growing up, My Dad, Brother Kelly and You.
    I could trust you with my life. You won me over with your love, kindness, generosity and broad smile that always reached your eyes.
    You were always there for me in the dark times. and never judged me or growled, just stayed close and in touch. Nancy Kace and Nare love you and their children instantly loved you too.
    Thank you for everything Uncle. Part of me is missing now you have gone to join my other hero’s but I’m happy you are resting now.
    Thank you for the hundreds of dollars of sausages you brought me because you knew I loved them. Who would do that but my beloved Uncle Matt. Farewell for now. I love you with all my heart.
    To all our whānau. My heart breaks that so many cannot physically be present with our Rangatira because of COVID19. I sincerely hope you find some way to release your grief and receive the comfort you need.
    To my amazing beautiful cousins Bron and Lohnet and your whānau. Thank you for looking after our Taonga. You knew what Uncle loved and made sure he got the best. Love and Blessings from Lynnie and whānau.

    Lynnie Tahitahi, Tauranga
  8. You will be dearly missed Uncle Matt, I didn’t really get to spend time with you until later in my life, and am so grateful that me and my wee family got to spend time with you❤️ Until we meet again you may now be free and watch over us all xxx

    Kim Wiringi-Hudson, Brisbane
  9. Love you Granddad Matthew. To the moon and back

    Hannah-Leah Stone-Wiringi, Manukau City
  10. Uncle Matt, when I think of you, I smile because I feel so blessed to have been one of your many nieces that knew you loved us! . You never had a bad word to say. You were always kind, caring, selfless, generous (sometimes too much) but what I remember most about you is your big beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. So handsome our uncle. Even when you would come to Palmy on your way to Lodge you just beamed when you pulled up in your Taxi. You looked @ my Mum, your baby sister, with such glee in your heart. You called Her Anna. I always admired how much you loved her. You treasured the time you had with her and now you don’t have to cry any more Uncle Matt.
    Thank you for being the kindest Uncle any girl could ever wish for. Rest now Uncle. You deserve it. Love you forever and I’ll always treasure you.
    I want to give my cousins, Uncles children a big hug but it will have to be a virtual one until we can all gather and celebrate Uncle in true style!

    Thank you to my cousins Lohnet and Bron. You did all of us proud and we are forever indebted to you for the love and care you gave to our precious Uncle Matt.
    Love you Whanau

    Natasha King, Palmerston North

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