Richard Humphrey de Lautour

Richard Humphrey de Lautour

29 September 1965 - 3 August 2020

Richard Humphrey de Lautour

Service Details

7 August, 2020
2:00 pm
Osbornes Funeral Directors Chapel
197 Old Taupo Road
Rotorua 3015
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“There are no goodbyes for us.

Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart”.

~ Ghandi


  1. Oh Richard (Blue eyes), I loved him with all my heart , he made me sooo happy, and the kids was the happiest kids in the world, Richard could do anything for them, hardly ever said No. How not to love someone like Richard? He show me so many things, places,.. Richard, myself and the kids went to different places in Australia, we had the best holidays every time we went to one. Richard taught me so many things, and the kids too, including how to be patient, I must say , So generous towards everyone, huge heart.!
    Our karaoke parties at home w/ some of our friends, he absolutely loved sing and have fun, Impersonating famous people Oh Richard.., some other good times at his sister’s house, Sophia and Pedro w/ lovely nephews and niece Hugo & Valle , Richard used to love go there and spend time w/ his only sister.
    Basically every Friday he went to the karaoke group at Chatswood RSL in Sydney , sometimes we went together when one our lovely friend came home to be with kids, his funny dance moves used to make everyone around him laugh and have fun. Richard happiness was so contagious , so many memories, and I will take w/ me forever. ❤️
    Richard always patient to explain things to me or the children, could be about anything ,he always had the best way to explain, especially to me as my English wasn’t so good at the time, (I am still learning) lol.
    We all moved to New Zealand, Richard loved his dad Humphrey so very much , he tried to do everything to be near his dad. then he got very close to our lovely Aunty Caroline his dad’s sister, hi loved Aunty so much, we used to go to her house for visits, or take her out for lunch, Richard had Aunty as he 2nd Mum, was so beautiful to see how he cared for her.❤️
    after sometime Richard and I divorced, but we still very connected, we were best friends, we used to talk about everything, most of the times about the kids, but another times just to ask for advices ,eg (what I think he should wear to go to the accountant meeting ) or have you try this or that beer? Lol, the convo ended up when he says “ can I come over to see the kids and we have couple beers or wine” Lol yes Richard “ . He used to say some silly jokes and kids laughed hard, and tell him “ dad it doesn’t make sense “ Richard says “oh well” and we all laughed even more..
    My whole family loves Richard and everyone is in chock. We are all in chock.
    Will take some time, very long time for us to learn how to live without him, his caring, his love, his voice, his laughts , his honesty, generosity he could help anyone in need , even if he did know that person… his simplicity, his smiles, silliness, if you can think about ALL the good things in one person, this person would be him ”Richard”.
    I will try my best to look after our children, to be there for them when they need me.
    It will be very difficult at times without Richard, I am sure , but I will be strong , and from heaven he will be giving me strength, and will watching out for us.
    We so gonna miss you Richard.
    Thank you so very much for everything that you did for us I am very grateful , and for the happiest times.
    We will always love you .
    RIP Blue Eyes”

    Ely Delautour, Rotorua
  2. For Richard remembered as a child in Auckland a kind brother and playmate of the Ord family . We have the photos of the apple tree climbers at Richardson Rd and the visits to very special restaurants for special occasion dining. It is with sadness and a sense of disbelief to know that you have gone. I regret that we did not get to visit you in Rotorua when you returned. Our condolences to all the family.
    Jill Tim Hilary Mark Anthony Ord

    jill ord, NZ European
  3. Richard we will miss your gentle and friendly spirit.
    You have been so supportive,helpful and generous with your time and energy.
    I am grateful that I have had some of your time since the covid lockdown in new zealand.
    I really appreciate that just recently you were able to join us with some members of your family for our cultural experience with our Czech and Slovak Club of Bay Of Plenty/Waikato NZ.I did not know that it would be one of the very last times we would speak or see eachother as you have left us all so suddenly and so soon.

    Thank you for all your contributions as a friend,accountant,family man,father and valuable member and sweet human being of so many of our communities and cultures and organisations in Rotorua and around New Zealand/Aotearoa.
    Condolences and aroha to all your whanau and many friends.We are all still in shock at this sudden news.
    Rest in peace,
    Frank Tomas Grapl Junior & Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga for Bay of plenty/Waikato/NZ

    Frank Tomas Grapl Junior/Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga for Bay of plenty/Waikato/NZ, ROTORUA
  4. Dear cousin Richard, I can’t believe you are gone. I remember playing with you as children on your trampoline, I remember camping in the Coromandel and Great Barrier Island at Aunty Carolines. Then in Sydney as adults with your children. I remember your kindness, your smile, your thoughtfulness, and your compassionate nature. You have always had a gentleness and a spirit of generosity your whole life. You also have a strong faith and people are blessed to have known you. I will remember you always and you must know how well you have been loved and still are. I will miss you very much. With love always to you and your loved ones. Rachael

    I have not known you very much, but feel very privileged to have met you. I will always remember our encounter at the gathering Rachael organised in Chatswood to reconnect the family and introduce me to you and your lovely family. Short before I was told the sad news, I was thinking of you, as I hope to come again to New Zealand with Rachael next year. I was hoping to see you in your natural environment and new life. I wish I had known you better and will never forget those moments we have spent together. Vassili

    Rachael and Vassili, Le Blanc, Indre, France
  5. I see a common thread here is disbelief. It’s really hard to believe Ric’s passing because he was always so full of life. What an amazing man! I can’t help but smile when I think about my uncle, his big warm teddy bear hugs, quirky Elvis and Trump impersonations, and the way his eyes would crinkle when he smiled. And I have to pinch myself when I realise I’ll never see him again, and that hurts. But how lucky we all were to have had him in our lives! Ric was everything. He was loving, generous, brave, gentle, and more than anything, he was an incredible father. Talk to his kids and you’ll see what I mean. Angels! Uncle Ric, I miss you like crazy. It really doesn’t feel like you’re totally gone though. You have touched countless hearts throughout your colourful life and that’s where you live on; so strong, so warm. Xx

    Valentina de Lautour Alvarez, 2032
  6. I love my uncle.
    In essence he was a Funcle.
    A certified Fun-Uncle.
    The King of Karaoke.
    It’s with the heaviest of hearts that I recognise the passing of such a friendly, loving, beautiful soul.
    My Uncle Richard was many things; kind, helpful and fun, but above all else it was his devotion to fatherhood which I most admired. I saw firsthand how much my Uncle loved and nurtured his beautiful children. Many nights of karaoke, dancing and watching movies which I wish I could relive.
    Hearing about your passing felt surreal. How can someone who brought so much light in to the world get taken so early? Thank you for everything Uncle Rich. Even if you are not here physically, you will forever have a place in my heart. I love you.

    Hugo Alvarez, Sydney
  7. Very saddened by the passing of Richard. Thank you for the commitment and time you gave to our Multicultural team selflessly. Rest in peace Richard. My thoughts and prayers are with Richard’s family and friends.

    Faustinah Ndlovu, Rotorua
  8. Kia Ora from South Carolina, USA. I am so saddened to hear of Richard’s untimely passing. I always remembered my cousin as a humble and kind and caring person. Keeping in touch through social media and seeing him grow along with the children, just made me relate to him more and more. I can’t believe I wont see him again in the flesh, to give him a hug, and hang out as adults, but Im sure he will visit in my dreams and i’ll see him again. My heart is with you all there especially Uncle Humphrey, cousin Sophia, Mum, Wiki, the whole family. Lets always speak his name, so he stays with us forever. Share stories of Richard and make sure the little ones know how much he is is loved and they too will keep him for future generations to know. Peace, Love and Light in this most difficult time.

    monique deLatour, Saint Helena Island, South Carolina
  9. I grew up knowing only 2 cousins, Richard and his sister Sophia. I was always welcome and always allowed to play my vinyl album ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ anytime I went. Richard is one one of the most genuine and kind people I have known in my life. When he had a big get together at his place in Sydney it was beautiful. Richard was giving and gentle with everything and everyone. Everyone danced and sang karaoke, it was a special day. I am going to miss you Richard. I can’t really believe you are gone. Thank you for caring, and your HUGE massive heart that touched many more I am sure.

    Angela, Sydney
  10. What an unbelievable loss, so sorry to hear about it. Always smiling cheerful person, ready to help and give an advice. He will be missed so much. Grieving with Richard’s family, friends, colleagues and clients.

    Valeria Liaskovskaia, Auckland
  11. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon our hearts are with you at this grieving moment. He will be greatly missed, we knew and worked with him. We belong to our Lord and unto him we shall return. Tino nui nga arohanui kite whanau no Richard. We cannot believe he is not around with us all and will greatly missed by us personally and Student Pulse Te Runanga Tauira . Our prayers and thoughts are with the family, we will miss his happy smiling face and always ready to help us no matter what. Emire and Mohabat Khan Malak. Xoxoxo

    Emire Khan-Malak, Rotorua
  12. Really really sorry to hear that. He was a really good person and super helpful.
    My partner stella and I started our own small business last year and Richard offered us to do all our accounting and tax return for this year and he hasn’t charged us anything as our business was really small and we’re super grateful for that.
    It’s so sad to see a person with such a good personality is gone and his families and friends should all be proud of his amazing work for his people and the community and also the people not part of his community (like us).
    He will definitely be missed

    Eisa and stella, Kapiti coast
  13. It is with a great sense of disbelief and sadness that the members of the Executive Committee and the staff of the Rotorua Multicultural Council have received the news of the death of our accountant, Richard de Lautour. He has been an excellent member of our team, always there to provide sound advice and support. He attended the meeting of the Executive Committee last Thursday and reported on the complex auditing process brought about by Covid-19. We will miss him dearly and send our condolences to his family, friends, tennis mates, and his many clients.

    Margriet Theron, Rotorua

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