Dec 17

Funerals in the Traffic Light System

There are different restrictions and limitations on funerals and tangihanga at different settings within the Traffic Light System. Regardless of traffic light setting, funerals and tangihanga can go ahead, food and drink can be served, and children under 12 can attend. At all settings, there are two options: to use... read more →
Mar 30
Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts

Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

If someone close to you has lost a loved one, you may feel unsure of how to express your sympathy. The seemingly endless range of gifts can make giving a sympathy gift challenging. This is why we have curated a list of gift ideas ranging from traditional to modern. Flower... read more →
Oct 05

Taking the Time to Talk

Taking the time to talk about final wishes with a loved one is an unwanted but often necessary conversation. Some people might feel uncomfortable with the topic for a variety of reasons, but it is an important discussion to have, so that their final wishes can be carried out and... read more →
Jul 19
May 07
funeral trends

Four Funeral Trends that are Here to Stay

Funeral trends have evolved over time, bringing new values, traditions and perspectives about honouring their loved ones. The funeral industry has been ready and willing to adapt, and this will continue as funeral homes support families and their unique needs. The challenges of the past 12 months have accelerated some... read more →
Mar 22
The Best Free Resources for Dealing with Grief

The Best Free Resources for Dealing with Grief

The loss of a loved one is a universal experience and is unfortunately something that most people experience in their lifetime. The grief that accompanies that loss expresses itself uniquely from person to person. Some people might struggle with their daily routines and responsibilities, while another person might use humour... read more →
Dec 17
The meaning of popular funeral flowers

The Meaning of Popular Funeral Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful and timeless gift for a grieving friend or family member. Flowers are often synonymous with funerals and sympathy. However, different types of flowers and different colours are representative of various emotions and sentiments. We have curated this handy guide so you can decipher the meaning behind... read more →
Oct 08
rotorua business awards

Finalist – Essential Business of the Year

We are honoured to be selected as one of the finalists for Essential Business of the year in the 2020 Westpac Rotorua Business Awards, held by the Rotorua Business Chamber.  The “essential" business of the year is a new category in 2020, and recognises, thanks and celebrates those who supported the... read more →
Sep 17
cremation in New Zealand

Cremation in New Zealand

The questions I get asked the most about death and funerals, are about cremation. We’ve been asked things like; do you take the body out? I hear you take the handles off, a cousin told me you cremate lots of people at once. The answers to those questions are a... read more →
Jun 25