Whether you wish to plan a funeral now or pre-plan for the future,
We are happy to provide you with all the resources required
during the planning process.

Pre Planning

These days, more and more people are asking us about recording funeral service details in advance, so eventually their wishes will be carried out and their family spared unnecessary worry about the funeral arrangements and costs. Whether you wish to plan a funeral now or pre-plan for the future, we are happy to provide you with a free funeral pack which contains material about Osbornes Funeral Directors and the planning process.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan.

The Cornerstone Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is of vital importance to anyone connected with the effective organisation of their private and personal affairs.

By arranging, and prepaying your funeral, you will save those close to you much additional stress at the time of your passing away.

You will anchor the price against inflation and rest assured that your concerns for the future will be properly taken care of and that your wishes are known and will be carried out by well qualified and experienced people.

You may like to pre-record the close family relationships and personal details that are so often lost completely, or are only partly known by children and grand children.

These records are essential to accurate registration of the appropriate papers at the time of your death.

The principal advantages are that you will know that these arrangements will be carried out accurately and with dignity and will not add to the emotional or financial stress of others closely involved.

All funds are held in The Cornerstone Pre-Paid Funeral Trust which is independently administered. A copy of the Trust Deed is available on request

Please call us to have a free Cornerstone Pre-Paid Funeral Trust pack sent to you.

Funeral Checklist.

A bereavement in the family is an emotional and difficult time. At Osbornes Funeral Directors, our role is to ensure that arrangements are made according to your wishes and are carried out to the letter. Osbornes have been trusted by families for generations to make these arrangements and allow the family to have time to remember and grieve.

The funeral director will discuss with you the information required so that the burial or cremation can take place.

We understand Grief.

Grief is a natural emotion that follows death. It hurts. Sadness, denial, guilt, physical discomfort, and sleeplessness are some of the symptoms of grief. It is like an open wound which must become healed. At times, it seems as if this healing will never happen. While some of life’s spontaneity begins to return, it never seems to get back to the way it was. It is still incomplete. We know, however, that these feelings of being incomplete can disappear.

In this time of difficulty, we are here to assist you in any way that we can.

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In this time of difficulty, we are here to assist you in any way that we can.